Vacation rentals on Washington's Long Beach Peninsula

Wondering where to eat on the Long Beach Peninsula?

Long Beach Peninsula Restaurant Review Website - best places to eat

Click here for Long Beach Peninsula restaurant specials, discounts and reviews.

While the Long Beach Peninsula has many wonderful restaurants, not every one is the perfect fit for every family. How can you know which one fits your budget and family’s tastes? Check out Peninsula Review, a site where locals and visitors share their experiences at different restaurants. There are pages for each restaurant, with links to websites, facebook pages, twitter accounts and  internet restaurant review sites. Wondering what the specials are for a particular day? You can visit Peninsula Review’s Facebook page where daily specials are posted by various restaurants. If you “like” the page, you’ll receive Facebook updates with daily specials and discount offers.

If your family prefers saving money by preparing their own food, check out what’s available in our vacation rental kitchens here.

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